Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Over 200 Diy electronics projects now

We are very glad to announce that we have now added about 200 circuits and projects in our database. The electronics circuits and projects we added in our database are very simple to understand redesign. These electronics projects may also be helpful for designing new projects and can be used as reference. was launched on Jan 14, 2008 with an aim to establish a electronics community. This website was launched to act as an reference book for the students and hubbist of electronics, electronics and communications engineering. All the projects which are in our database are free, but please we request you to respect the Author or the designer of the Circuits and Projects. We build this website to help our self, to exchange the knowledge we have.
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chrome Extensions

Wow, successfully created the Google Chrome Extension for our site. This extension will display the latest eight    project post. If you are using Google Chrome and want to install our Chrome Extension, then please follow the following link.
Google Chrome Extension
Also, this extension is available in our website too. Our website will automatically detects the browser you are using, if your browser is Chrome, it will generate a popup bar to remind you to install our Google Chrome Extension. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Most Popular project

On May 14, 2008 we added an Final year electronics projects, Weather Station with pressure reading, relative humidity, indoor & remote outdoor temperature display in both Celsius or Fahrenheit & mbar/hPa or mm Hg supported. This project became the most popular projects till today having viewed by 45255 times and counting up and downloaded by 1475 times.

This project was developed by Techdesign, an electronics design company. Thanks Michel Bavin  for the development of Weather Station.
This electronics design can be viewed at Weather Station. And its associated files can be downloaded form here.

Welcome to Our Blog

We have now started blog service for the announcements of our posts, updates and activities. In this blog we write what we are doing and what service we are planing to provide in current future. aims to include every types of electronic projects, circuits schematics, micro controller projects. We are adding new projects every day.
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